G. Isherwood, PE, Vice President of Peter Basso Associates, Weighs-In on, 'Lab, Research Facility Design,' in CSE Magazine's, December MEP Roundtable

Camille Thompson
Dec 30, 2019 10:59:07 AM

Isherwood Cites Balancing Energy Efficiency and Equipment Cost as Current Challenge / Trend

Mech 1The current issue of Consulting Specifying Engineer Magazine features PBA Healthcare / Lab Group leader George Isherwood, PE in its monthly, 'MEP Roundtable' discussion with industry professionals, with the current issue focused on 'Lab, Research Facility Design.'

The article offers to provide... 'tips on how to design labs and research facilities - some of the most high-tech buildings around.'

In addition to the discussion on trends in the lab & research engineering design industry, Isherwood touches on the issue of finding balance between safety and comfort. Isherwood states that, 'most buildings are built with the intent of keeping the occupants comfortable'...However, 'laboratories introduce harmful elements into that environment that can affect both the safety of occupants and the surrounding areas. Management of chemicals or other harmful elements is what makes laboratories unique.'

To read the December 2019 Consulting Specifying Engineer Magazine MEP Roundtable discussion in its entirety, go to: https://bit.ly/3qeG1Po

To contact George Isherwood, PE, Vice President of Peter Basso Associates, Inc. directly, email him at gisherwood@pbanet.com.

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