Top 5 PBA Tenant Improvements to Highlight Workers'  Return-to-Office

Kenneth Boyer Jr.
Oct 14, 2022 10:19:17 AM

Clarke_RMW and PSA

Companies are still looking for ways to get people back to in-person work in some capacity after RTO workers have resisted a full pre-pandemic reset to the status quo. Formcraft is an architectural design firm based out of Philadelphia, PA. who comprised a list of "inspiring office renovation ideas" your office should incorporate into employee workspaces to create a comparable environment to their home offices and workstations. See article here 

The traditional office employer has lowered expectations in an attempt to compromise by offering employees flexibility with 3-day-work weeks and some are even granting workers 2-day-callbacks. The resounding response to RTO mandates have communicated loud and clear that employees value work-life balance.

The most successful employers have instituted a combination of both; a flexible work model and financial investment into tenant improvements to their buildings and workspaces to better accommodate employees when they are in the office performing in-person work.   

Here is our list of Top 5 PBA tenant improvement projects that we feel captures the look and functionality referenced by Formcraft.  


1. Give it a fresh coat of paint 615-W-Lafayette_1665x845 615 Lafayette - Detroit News Complex


2. Create an agile WorkspaceDTE-Energy-Navitas-House-1665x845DTE Energy - Navitas House


3. Use Biophilic Design

Centurion-Medical-Products-Corporate-HQ-Lobby-1665x845Centurion Medical Products


4. Integrate Team-Building ElementsMicrosoft-Technology-Center-Open-Meeting-1665x845 Microsoft Corporation


5. Blend Work Space with Living Space First-National-Building-Lobby-Renovation-3-1665x845Bedrock Detroit -First National Building


Peter Basso Associates is a 100% employee-owned engineering firm that offers flexible work schedules including, remote and hybrid options. 

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