B. Runde PBA VP, Using Louvers to Prevent Snow Intake, Featured in CSE

Camille Thompson
Apr 21, 2021 1:55:34 PM

Runde Provides Helpful Tips for Avoiding Building Snow Intake

Typically when you think of April, you think of baseball, and spring blossoms, and the occasional rain shower. However, when you live in the often unpredictable climate of the Midwest such as in the State of Michigan, snow is often just around the corner.

Today, for example, with May a little over a week a way, many parts of the state saw upwards of 6" of snowfall. That's why it doesn't hurt to make sure that your building is prepared for how to avoid snow intake, especially when the occasional unexpected snowfall happens. 

The current issue of Consulting Specifying Engineer Magazine features an article written by PBA vice president, Brian Runde, PE, mechanical engineer that provides expertise advise on how to avoid snow intake in your building, using louvers.

The peer-reviewed article offers several learning objectives that will allow readers to understand, 'how standard air intake designs may not work for snow intake, as damage can be caused by repeated snow intake to filters, ductwork and equipment.' The article also helps readers, 'become familiar with louver types and ratings,' in addition to providing other helpful tips for preventing snow intake in your building.

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For more information on how to avoid snow intake in your building using louvers, check out the full article in the current issue of Consulting Specifying Engineer located here: https://bit.ly/3dAVpRQ

For more information on how Peter Basso Associates can help protect your building from snow intake, contact Brian Runde, PE directly at brunde@pbanet.com.

Peter Basso Associates, Inc., a 100% employee-owned firm, is ranked among the Top 100 Consulting Engineering Firms in the nation. 

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