CAM Magazine features, Greektown Casino's Monroe Market By C. Thompson

Camille Thompson
Aug 4, 2020 4:03:02 PM

July Mechanical / Electrical Issue Highlights Unique MEP, Lighting Design Solutions

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The current issue of Construction Association of Michigan (CAM) Magazine which focuses on mechanical and electrical design projects, features an article written by PBA Communications Coordinator, Camille Thompson.

The article reviews the mechanical and electrical design challenges and features of the project, including a 280-square foot living wall, which surrounds 'art-centric video displays screens,' redesigned air distribution systems and solid fuel appliances that required some mechanical ingenuity.

One of the challenges the mechanical team faced followed the client's decision to utilize and expose an extra 8 feet of ceiling space above the market place to create a more dynamic atmosphere, and to heighten the feeling of being in a bustling outdoor market. The decision required careful coordination and rerouting of the existing mechanical ductwork as well as redesign of the air distribution system.

The Illuminart lighting design team and electrical engineering team of PBA, were challenged with the task of highlighting a massive living wall of foliage, while not flooding the LED video screens with unwanted light nor the bench seating below. The plants required 150--foot candles with a high color rendering index (CRI).

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