MEP Engineering & Lighting Design Systems for the City of Ann Arbor

May 28, 2014 11:22:18 AM

New Municipal Center | Ann Arbor, MI

PBA provided MEP and lighting design services for the City of Ann Arbor’s new LEED® Gold certified municipal center. New 5-story, 110,000 SF police and court building houses the IT department, at grade parking garage for the police department and K-9 housing, police offices on second and third floors, and new court rooms and judge’s chambers on the fourth and fifth floors.
The Center’s electrical features include efficient lighting using lower general lighting levels combined with task lighting, large windows, and generous amounts of accent lighting systems. The building watts per square foot for the interior lighting are 15 to 20% below what is allowed by current energy code. Occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting and time of day control further reduce energy use.

Mechanical features include high efficiency, packaged variable air volume rooftop equipment with evaporative condensers and fully modulating gas heat with high turn down, individually metered to monitor energy usage. Units utilize non CFC-based refrigerants. Variable air volume air distribution with proper air diffusion selection and system design meet the requirements of the thermal comfort credit. Additional features include CO2 sensors, condensing type hot water boilers, primary only Variable flow hot water system with variable speed drives on circulation pumps.

Plumbing features include low flow sensor operated lavatories, water closets, and urinals.
Rainwater is treated and retained on site. Rainwater is used for irrigation of the plantings, and to recharge the surrounding ground water.

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