MEP Engineering & Green Design for Oakland County International Airport

May 28, 2014 11:24:20 AM

New Terminal and Offices | Waterford Township, MI


PBA provided MEP and lighting design services for the new LEED Gold certified OCIA terminal.  The new terminal is highlighted by efficient engineering system design.

The plumbing system was designed to use less water and in turn discharge less waste to the local sanitary system. Low flow faucets and fixtures were utilized to achieve these objectives. In addition, the rain water was harvested on the site and utilized to recharge the ground water supply and was also utilized to water the interior planted vegetation.  A solar water heater was also incorporated to utilize the heat from the sun to generate hot water for use in the building.

The building’s central heating and cooling is supplied by a ground source closed loop geo-exchange system that consists of over 55,000 LF (over 10 miles) of tubing.  The geo-exchange system is comprised of 6 circuits of a horizontal slinky-type geo-exchange field buried directly in the ground.   Cooling for the building is provided by two water-to-air variable air volume heat pumps.  The heating for the building is either provided by the water-to-air heat pumps or from the central water-to-water heat pumps.  The central heating system for the building consists of two 20-ton water-to-water heat pumps that generate 125 degree hot water.  The main lobby is heated by the 5 water-to-air eat pumps that serve the space.  The lighting design met and exceeded the minimum lighting power density requirements of the ASHRAE 90.1 – 2004 Energy Energy Code by 7 percent.

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