MEP Design Services for Grand Blanc Township Police Department

May 28, 2014 12:01:55 PM

New Police Headquarters  |  Grand Blanc, Michigan

Peter Basso Associates provided engineering services for the modern 41,000 square-foot police headquarters for Grand Blanc Township. The main level of the new facility include holding cell, a dispatch area, office space, administrative areas, and a multi-purpose space for public meeting as well as police training for up to 100 people. The lower level of the facility includes locker rooms, an evidence lab, and space for an indoor gun range, technology rooms and mechanical rooms.

The power systems were designed for reliable power with capacity for growth for the police functions. The entire building is backed up an onsite diesel powered generator.  The site was designed to have permanent feel using concrete light poles and power distributed for outdoor events and holiday lighting. The interior of the building was designed with all the amenities of a modern office building.  Power and telecommunications systems are available throughout the building. The lighting systems were designed to provide appropriate light levels and a comfortable working environment.  The lighting was designed to support the functions and requirements of all of the police functions, offices, holding areas, conference areas, training, etc., as well as the public uses of the building. Portions of the building were designed to support public gatherings and other functions.

The mechanical systems consist of the heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and plumbing systems.  The heating for the facility is provided by two gas fired hot water boilers that serve terminal devices throughout the building and the snow melt system. The cooling for the building is provided by two packaged rooftop units and one, packaged energy recovery unit equipped with direct expansion cooling.  The two packaged rooftop units serve the entire first floor by utilizing a variable air volume system. The basement level is conditioned by the energy recovery unit. A specially designed smoke control system was provided for the holding cell area.  A gun range was designed for the basement level.

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