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Posted by Ginger Greager

May 28, 2014 11:41:00 AM

Brehm Tower  |  Ann Arbor, Michigan

Peter Basso Associates provided mechanical and electrical engineering design services for the $120 million expansion of the Kellogg Eye Center.  Completed in 2010, the building is an eight-story, 220,000 square foot research and clinical tower located next to the existing Eye Center on Wall Street.  The Brehm Diabetes Research Center utilizes about 33,000 square feet of the addition.

The mechanical scope of work includes design of a new heating system using five steam boilers.  Three boilers will provide low pressure steam for HVAC use, and two boilers provide medium pressure steam for process use.  A new cooling system will include two 700-ton chillers for the clinical/office areas, laboratory and laboratory equipment rooms; and two 450-ton chillers to serve critical loads including operating rooms, vivarium, cold room condenser water, and IDF/server rooms.  New air handling units and humidification systems also will be designed.  A micro-processor based building automation system (BAS) utilizing direct digital controls (DDC) will monitor, control and optimize the operation of the new HVAC systems.

The normal power system will consist of two double-ended substations, fed from the UM medium voltage power loop. Normal power distribution within the building will be accomplished utilizing vertical bus ducts, distribution panels, step down transformers and panelboards.  The emergency power system will consist of multiple generators powered by diesel or natural gas. The emergency power distribution within the building will be accomplished utilizing paralleling gear, automatic transfer switches, distribution panels, step down transformers and panelboards.

The lighting system will include multiple light sources such as incandescent, fluorescent, metal halide and light emitting diodes. Lighting will be accomplished by using direct, direct/indirect, indirect, surface, lay-in and cove mounted fixtures. Low voltage lighting controls will be utilized throughout the building.

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