Meet PBA at These Upcoming Virtual Career Fairs: MSOE & MSU

Camille Thompson
Sep 28, 2020 10:58:48 AM


As we embark on this new era of virtual learning and in many instances across the State of Michigan, working remotely, PBA has continued to pursue top talent in the MEP engineering field from local and regional universities.

This is the second week of virtual career fair participation for Peter Basso Associates following last Thursday's (9/24) successful virtual career fair at Oakland University's School of Engineering and Computer Science.

This week, PBA will participate in two additional virtual career fairs. On Thursday, October 1 from 11am-4pm, PBA will be at the Milwaukee School of Engineering's 2020 virtual career fair.

According to the school's website, MSOE students will be able to, ...'meet one-on-one with company representatives just like at a traditional fair, but in a video chat room.' Hundreds of companies will be in attendance virtually, including PBA.

In addition to MSOE, PBA will be participating in Michigan State University's, "Engineered in the Mitten," virtual career fair

Last year, MSU launched, "Engineered in the Mitten," the first, Michigan-only job fair hosted at MSU's College of Engineering. The program launch coincided with National Engineers Week (Feb.16-23) in early 2020 to highlight the depth of engineering-related career opportunities and employers, in the State of Michigan.

This will be MSOE and MSU's first virtual career fair.

For more information on MSOE's virtual career fair, visit:

For more information on MSU's Engineered in the Mitten, virtual career fair, go to:

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