PBA, A Leading MEP Engineering Firm, Celebrates National Reading Month

Camille Thompson
Mar 5, 2020 10:00:00 AM
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This week marks the beginning of National Reading Month, a month-long celebration dedicated to 'motivating Americans of all ages to read every day.' (www.charities.org) The Peter Basso Associates technical library is extensive and changing everyday much like the building, design and construction industry, however, we wanted to know what PBA staff were reading at home and outside of the workplace. 

Much like the diverse personalities that make up this award-winning engineering design firm, responses were unique and across-the-board, intriguing. Here's what some of our staff members had to say.

D Neumann cropped-1

Celebrating her 5th Anniversary with PBA, is electrical engineer, Diana Neumann. She recalls her father reading to her, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Rowling, J.K. 1999). "The book is my favorite because of how it came to me from my father, because it’s what really launched my desire to read, and because of the great lessons it has taught me," she explains. "The series as a whole teaches readers that perseverance even in times of great hardship is always the right course of action, and teaches it in a way that young readers don’t even feel like they are learning such an important life lesson."

S Billan cropped for Vision

A simpler, yet equally commendable response came from 16-year PBA veteran mechanical engineer, Scott Bilan, PE. Scott exclaimed that his favorite book is, 'any book with my daughters!' He later clarified that one of his daughters has just learned to read and that he loves the experience of her reading to him as she discovers the joy of reading.

Stefaniak Cropped

Many in the office find value in books relating to leadership and empowerment, like another 16-year PBA veteran, Lindsey Stefaniak, PE, Vice President, electrical engineer. Lindsey suggests readers check out Radical Candor (Scott, K. 2017).

"Her take on giving feedback in the workplace is invaluable," Lindsey explains. "She does a wonderful job of using her experiences and failures to teach others how to do better."

Jason Flint crop 2

Along a similar line is Illuminart lighting design associate, Jason Flint's pick, A New Earth (Tolle, E. 2006). "It offers a lesson on personal responsibility and the ways in which the things we put into the world have a real impact." says Flint. "Tolle does a sufficient job of eloquently reminding us of the pure power of the present moment."

Amy Ryczko cropped for Vision

HR assistant, Amy Ryzko took a more personal yet playful approach with one of her Top 3 favorite books. "As an HR professional and a mom, It'd be silly to forget about Oh the Places You’ll Go! By the one and only, Dr. Seuss. It’s a book that influenced me in my career and personal life…reach for the stars!"

Julie Roop cropped

Marketing Coordinator, Julie Roop also dreams of discovering new places, through her selection.

"My favorite book is Beach Music (Conroy, P. 2002). Introduced to me by my son’s 5th grade teacher, the book speaks of romance, history, geography, and a little dysfunctional family drama," she explains. "Much of the story relates to the author’s personal life, as do most of his books. I’ve read this one at least a half a dozen times, and have read many of his other books. Since reading Beach Music the first time, I’ve wanted to visit the Low Country of South Carolina and tour the area where the author grew up. I’m still hoping to get there one of these days."

We'd like to thank all of our 'Book Worm' PBA participants for sharing their literary tales of inspiration in honor of National Reading Month.

Happy Reading!

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