Commissioning for the University of Michigan MSRB III

Camille Thompson
Jul 3, 2019 9:50:41 AM

University of Michigan MSRB III Commissioning  |  Ann Arbor, Michigan

Medical Sciences Research Building III (MSRB III) is a 10-story, 207,000 g.s.f. biomedical research facility on the campus of the University of Michigan. The third in a series of research facilities, MSRB III accommodates approximately 400 people and features laboratories, animal housing, office/conference space and support facilities. 

The $37 million facility was designed to accommodate some of the most advanced medical research in the world. It was critical that the engineering systems provide a safe, comfortable, energy efficient environment that would enhance the quality and benefits of this research.

The achievement of this design intent was noted by the University's Commissioning Review Committee which stated:  "The Commissioning Process performed during both the design phase and construction phase of MSRB III was a significant success, providing an efficiently functioning facility that has been built in accordance with its design intent."

Scope of services included commissioning of the systems and components, specification writing, design review, commissioning plan development, functional testing procedures and forms, coordinating and overseeing functional testing, witnessing the functional testing, troubleshooting involvement, project management, Operations & Maintenance Manual reviews, and overseeing Operations & Maintenance training.

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