PBA Commissioning for First Solar PGT-2 Manufacturing Plant in Ohio

Camille Thompson
Jul 3, 2019 3:57:00 PM

First solar exterior

Full Production Expected Late 2019 for 1-Million SF Facility

First Solar is a 1-million-square-foot manufacturing plant being built for the production of its new Series 6 thin-film solar panels for use by large utility solar farms, on public buildings, and at off-grid industrial sites. This is the second First Solar manufacturing plant and it is located in Lake Township Ohio. Breaking ground in June 2018, the plant is expected to reach full production by late 2019.

Scope of services includes commissioning of the systems and components, design review, commissioning plan and installation checkout and functional plan development, coordinating, overseeing and witnessing the functional testing. When needed PBA assists in troubleshooting with associated design recommendations for the engineer of record to review. Operations & Maintenance Manuals are reviewed along with overseeing the training of the facilities personnel.

Also included under the commissioning responsibilities is NETA certified electrical testing along with Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing work performed by Peter Basso Associates, Inc. consultants. This provides a cohesive system installation and operational verification to give the building owner a high level of confidence that the building systems and support process utilities will be ready and functioning as intended. 

To learn more about the Commissioning Services offered by Peter Basso Associate Inc., Download our Commissioning Playbook: https://web.peterbassoassociates.com/building-commissioning-playbook

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