LEED® Green Design Commissioning for Spectrum Health

May 28, 2014 11:37:55 AM

Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital LEED® Commissioning  |  Grand Rapids, Michigan

Peter Basso Associates commissioned the 11-story, 441,000 square foot Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital to meet requirements of LEED v2.2 EA Prerequisite 1 Fundamental Commissioning and EA Credit 3 Enhanced Commissioning, with the goal of achieving LEED® Gold.

Services included reviewing the mechanical and electrical design and operation parameters, interfacing with appropriate contractors during construction phase, developing the Commissioning Manual, development and coordination of commissioning of mechanical systems and major electrical equipment, and air and water testing and balancing.

Systems commissioned included: Chilled Water; Condenser Water; Free Cooling; Air Handling; Hydronic Heating; Snow Melt; Steam and Steam Condensate; Energy Recovery; Computer Room Air Conditioning; Temperature Control; Domestic Hot Water Heater; Sanitary Sump Pumps; Packaged Cold Water Booster Pump Package; Water Softener; Normal Power (400 amp and higher); Variable Speed Drive; Lighting Control; Uninterruptible Power Supply; Emergency Generator/Transfer Switch; Fire Alarm; and Smoke Management.

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