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PBA Healthcare Group Leader, Isherwood on Life as an MEP Engineering Co-Op

Posted by George Isherwood

Jun 23, 2016 1:40:17 PM

What is a Co-Op?

In today’s working world, having on-the-job experience will set you apart from other candidates in your industry. One way to do that is by obtaining a summer job or internship at a company that specializes in your area of study. This will give you experience as well as the ability to develop relationships that could last a lifetime.

In occupations like engineering, this program is sometimes referred to as a CO-OP program. Peter Basso Associates hires CO-OP’s year-round using the program as a tool for recruiting and assisting students in pursuing their education in engineering. A true CO-OP program allows the student to be evaluated and to evaluate the company, which benefits the company as well as the student, by providing them with an invaluable learning experience.

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Topics: Co-Op, MEP Engineering, Graduate Engineers

Medical facilities need state-of-the-art lighting designs

Posted by George Isherwood

Oct 16, 2014 12:20:04 PM

State-of-the-art medical facilities need state-of-the-art lighting designs.  For example, highly specialized procedures, multi-functioning task areas, strict codes, infection control, energy usage and sustainability are all critical factors in healthcare lighting design.

Many people associate hospitals with illness and mortality; however, that negative impression can be drastically altered through something as seemingly simple but effective as lighting design.   While medical facilities, in particular hospitals, largely provide a place for healing, they also serve a unique variety of purposes, each requiring a unique type and level of illumination. 

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Topics: Lighting, Energy

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