Innovative Design for Eastern Michigan University

May 28, 2014 12:03:29 PM

Mark Jefferson Science Complex | Ypsilanti, MI

The Mark Jefferson Science Complex consists of a 180,000 square foot existing building renovation and a 60,000 square foot addition. This building houses teaching and research laboratories, classrooms and lecture halls, and faculty and research office and gathering spaces.

The mechanical systems include a dedicated outdoor air/energy recovery system providing ventilation air for classrooms and offices, and providing the required minimum air changes for the laboratory spaces. The sensible cooling and heating for the spaces is handled through the chilled beam air distribution system. This system provides high quality ventilation and comfort control while drastically lowering energy consumption. Laboratory airflow controls are provided for proper pressurization and for fume hoods, while commercial grade terminal units are utilized for offices and classrooms.

The building addition was designed to receive power via the campus’ medium voltage loop system. Medium voltage switching is provided to allow the building to be isolated, disconnected from the campus loop, without disconnecting power to remaining buildings in the loop.

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